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June 5, 2016
New Doors installed

Electronic Church Bells installed and used for the first time for a wedding on Saturday, June 4, 2016.

Christmas, 2015
Main foyer completed.

October 25, 2015

It has been a long time since this page has been updated!  The Updates have taken the form of pictures on the “Rebuilding Project In Pictures” page.
At this point the interior of the church is essentially complete.
The foyer needs to be done still; bids have been obtained and once the contract is awarded we hope the work will be completed before Christmas.
The choir loft and the stairs leading to it have been re-done with beautiful has been completed.
The new doors have arrived.  The ones at the side entrances are currently being installed.  The main doors will be done when the foyer work is completed.
Most recently the concrete walkways around the church and the large area in front of the church have been replaced.  The concrete in front now slopes from the road level to the front door without the previous step at the door.
The room in the basement, which is used for parish functions (until we get a new Parish Hall), was repainted recently by Our Lady of Grace Council of the Knights of Columbus.  New handrails on both sides of the stairs leading to the hall have been installed.
The hedges at the front of the church and rectory have been removed.  Landscaping will be done in the spring.

September 14, 2014
Work will resume October 6th, 2014, and is expected to take 3-4 months.  The church will be divided and the front done first.  For insurance reasons, the construction area will be prohibited.  Access to the washroom adjacent to the sanctuary will be made available.  The old pews (1/2 of them) will be detached from the floor and made available for pickup October 6th (please confirm time & date with the parish office).  A sample of the new pews is available at the front of the church; your comments are invited.  The new pews will be delivered and installed in February, 2015.

September 6, 2014
After some uncertainty when most of the remaining work on the interior of the church would be done (the pews, floor, ceiling, accessible washroom, etc), Father Carpinelli has indicated the work will begin the first week of October, 2014.  He anticipates about three months of work, during which one-half of the church will be inaccessible (the sanctuary area and other previously renovated walls, art, and statues will be covered over with cloth and plastic sheets for protection).   A smaller, temporary altar will be used.  Everyone who has been told they can have a pew should be ready on short notice to collect it.  During this phase the 8:30 mass on Sunday morning will be in English.  All masses are planned to be shortened (briefer homilies, a  little less music) as it may be necessary for some people to stand.  As other details are known, we hope to be able to keep you informed.

March 21, 2013
St. Leo’s Church is undergoing some major changes.  We are re-building and part of that rebuilding is a re-awakening of our Faith with our Faith Family.  Our journey here is in preparation for our meeting with Our Lord in Eternity.

Our church is in the mid stages of a renovation that will see Saint Leo’s Mimico become a beautiful little gem inside and out.

Fr. Frank Carpinelli, has been the driving force behind all the renovations as he spearheads the community. and oversees the rebuilding of our church.  Much like his beloved St. Francis saw the rebuilding of the Church in Assissi, with his own strength and the support of the Parish Community, Fr. Frank is re-building our church and helping us all to re-build and re-awaken our faith.

The area around St. Leo’s is rapidly changing from a semi-industrial area into a more residential area.  Much of the available lands in Mimico have been bought up by developers who are in the process of building condominiums and townhouses, where there was once small factories.

The people moving into these areas will need a spiritual home and St. Leo’s is more than willing to welcome them to worship and join our vibrant faith community.



Building Project 01Mar13001

Building Project 01Mar13002

Renovation work

Renovation work in the church sanctuary will begin in the week of April 22nd 2013.  From that week on and until further notice the 8:00 am morning mass will be celebrated in the basement of the church.   The Wednesday 7:00 pm and the weekend masses will still be celebrated in the church.     Workers will begin the day @ 7:00 am every morning for the next few months.  Fr. Frank is anticipating that this project will take the better part of the summer.

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    • Flavia Mussio on November 14, 2016 at 2:13 pm
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    Dear Fr Carpinelli

    My name is Flavia Mussio and I am a volunteer of the Daily Televised Mass produced by the National Catholic Broadcasting Centre. I believe my colleague, Muriel Alvares, has already discussed with you the possibility of coming to speak to us at our Advent Retreat.

    We would be very pleased if you could kindly accept our invitation to speak at Advent Retreat for the Volunteers of the Daily Televised Mass:

    Date: December 03, 2016
    Time: The event is 10 am to 3 pm. Your slot would be 10:30 – 11:30 am
    Where: Loretto Abbey, 101 Mason Boulevard, North York
    Who: Lectors, Cantors, Technicians, Staff, of the Daily Televised Mass will be present
    Theme: The Role of Mary in Salvation (can be negotiated / discussed)
    Stipend: $150 – Agreed. Will be paid by the National Catholic Broadcasting Centre.

    Contact: Flavia Mussio
    Tel: 416-314-9455 (office) or
    416-425-9539 (home)

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