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Rebuilding Project In Pictures


St. Leo Roman Catholic Church, Mimico, Ontario

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I wanted to share this promotional video of St. Leo’s made by New Holland, the company that did the pews.  Special thanks to Wilson and to Stan for producing a beautiful church.
Father.Francis Carpinelli

Marian Garden

Transfiguration Triptych Added October, 2017

Mosaics added August, 2017

New Tabernacle Altar Spring, 2017

By October, 2016 the new doors were installed, including an accessible door for wheelchairs, scooters and walkers.  The stonework at the main doors is original.







The Baptism Tryptych Was Modified, April 2016


Renovations and Art as of March 20, 2016

IMG_4250 IMG_4249 IMG_4248

As of September 6, 2015 the hedges have been removed, the choir loft renovated, and the basement hall repainted.IMG_4171 IMG_0821IMG_4174 IMG_4175 IMG_4177 IMG_4178 IMG_4179 IMG_4181

All the Stations of the Cross are installed.

IMG_3958 - Copy

IMG_3961 - Copy

IMG_3964 - Copy

IMG_3967 - Copy

IMG_3970 - Copy

IMG_3973 - Copy

IMG_3976 - Copy

IMG_3979 - Copy

IMG_3982 - Copy

IMG_3985 - Copy

IMG_3988 - Copy

IMG_3991 - Copy

IMG_3994 - Copy

IMG_3997 - Copy

IMG_3673IMG_3654 !cid_40941A52-7F53-47A5-86D3-CE240863DE42 !cid_3F84EF32-3E82-41E3-8DCE-564AB0B47221 !cid_3BA23295-51FF-4493-B0AD-321D13084E62

IMG_3553 IMG_3583

IMG_3534 IMG_3531

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