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How to get involved with Parish Activities

There are many groups that “work” within the church community.  If you would like to become involved within the parish, are new to the parish, or have something to share with our faith community, then this is the right place for you!

Church Choirs

Saint Leo’s Church is blessed with not only one choir, but three very distinct groups that sing and make music for our celebration of the Eucharist.

The 10:00 mass has a choir directed by Tony and Cathy Dodds.  They sing a variety of hymns that are all very familiar to most Catholics.  They are a traditional choir group and are always looking for new voices to round out the choir.  All are welcome to join.

At the 11:30 mass we are spoiled with two choirs that sing on alternate Sundays.

The first choir (in no special order), is directed by Robert and Patricia Nagoda.  They sing Taize, and are accompanied by guitar in a more folky but still traditional manner.

Alternate Sundays are the Filipino choir’s mass.  Their sound is more up tempo with electric keyboards and voices that are full of joy. Choir Director is Mr. Andres Hersamio (Joon).

When we come together to worship, there is not right way and no wrong way, there are just hearts full of love for our Lord.  Please consider joining any one of these groups and lend your voice to “Make Joyful Music onto the Lord!”

Lectors and Altar Servers

Anyone who loves the Word, is welcome.  What is needed is the will to proclaim the Good News in a way that makes it come alive for our parish family.  Ennunciation and a willingness to participate in workshops will help you become a wonderful addition to the Lector’s program at Saint Leo’s.

Altar Servers

Any child in Grade 5 or over, who has made their First Communion, whether in public school or separate school can become an altar server.  Permission must be given by the parents for the children to join.

Eucharistic Ministers

Any adult Catholic in good standing in the parish may become a Eucharistic Minister.  What is needed is the will and heart to serve.

Ushers and Greeters

Saint Leo’s is in need of Ushers and Greeters that will make our faith community feel welcomed into our parish.  Mimico is an ever growing community and every Sunday there are some new faces at our church.  We want these people to know that Saint Leo’s is a warm and caring community (because we really are).  Personal contact is important and a warm smiling face is nice to see in church.

Ushers are needed especially at this time of year.  Ushers not only take up the collections, but also help those who are needing added assistance to get into the church.  With all the construction going on right now, sometimes a little added help is needed and appreciated.

If you are interested in any of these Parish Activities, please contact Frances in the office at 416-251-1109!    She will then put you in touch with the person who heads up this ministry.

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    • SP on June 14, 2018 at 2:15 pm
    • Reply

    My children(aged 14 and 16) are interested to be a lector for the church but I am not sure if there is any age requirement to be a lector.

    Thank you

    1. Please phone the parish office at 416-251-1109.

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