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Eucharistic and Lectors Combined Schedules March – April – Easter, 2021

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    • Norm Davis on January 20, 2015 at 6:26 pm
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    God bless you, dear Deacon, for your ever-present smile, your heartfelt homilies and the wonderful music you share with us. Your humility and your ecumenical spirit make you one of St. Leo’s great treasures. Next time you contemplate one of our beautiful stained glass windows, I hope you see the beauty of your own reflection. We sure do! Please, keep encouraging us to read about our faith. Offer us a “Tom Collins” and a not-so-dry “Martini.” Beg us to sing along, reminding us that a chorus of mediocre voices can be beautiful beyond belief. The cardinals can announce with pride “habes papem.” We at St. Leo’s can acclaim
    “We have a Deacon!” Thank you so much for your efforts. Keep listening to sacred music, for yourself and for us. May our loving, compassionate, merciful Lord forever sustain your body, mind & soul. Peace and joy to you & Olivia.

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