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Liturgical Ministries

We are a parish family with many and varied gifts offered for the service of God’s people. Our ministries, committees and organizations are staffed by volunteers who share their time and talent. These are the heart and soul of our parish family-individuals who minister to members of our parish, our community, our neighbors. It is our hope that you will find in these pages opportunities for you to share your gifts with members of our parish family and enable others to come to know the God who loves them.

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Choirs – Suspended (Covid)

OR Rehearsals for the 10:00 Mass choirTuesday evenings7-8p.m.Beginning September 10th Come to a choir rehearsal and consider joining the group. 

Altar Servers Schedule

The New Schedule is listed right here and you just need to click on the link to open it!  I like this way of doing the schedules and hope you do too!  Let me know if you have a problem and I will send a copy to your email. Thanks for all you do! Please …

Eucharistic and Lectors Combined Schedules March – April – Easter, 2021

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