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Here is a list of CDs produced by Lighthouse Catholic Media.

I have them all!  If you are interested in borrowing any of them, let me know.  Piracy of this media is theft, so I am willing to lend them to you but ask you not make copies. (That is also why I do not put the content on this site)  If you like what you hear and would like your own copy, please download copies from Lighthouse Catholic Media .  MP3 files cost $2.50 (downloads), CDs $3.50 (CDs need to be shipped and shipping charges can make purchases impractical).

I have a collection of CDs from other sources, such as the New American Bible (audio) and the “Truth and Life” New Testament Bible (narrated by prominent actors/actresses).  Please ask me, I’d love to share them!

You may also be interested in the resources available through the Knights of Columbus website (  Go to the RCIA page of this website (click here > RCIA) for more educational resources.

Deacon Alan

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