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Father Thomas Rosica

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    • catherine hawley on July 5, 2021 at 2:12 pm
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    I have only been Catholic for ten years and loved it with all my heart.
    But i am so discouraged by what is so out of touch with just basic ..HUMAN>
    I was an RN on the palliative care unit at St Michael’s hospital for thirty years . Many of our patients were very young .. and all had only a month or so to live when they came . The thirty years could be called years of REAL ….Such as many trips to the morgue with young people we had come to love .
    ALL Catholics need right now is forCatholic clergy to be on the news as REAL HUMAN BEINGS. ..expressing our heart sickness over what is coming to light more fully . That is all. WHY is this so hard ,so impossible .Some priests inKanata Ont and one in Manitoba … are speaking as HUMAN beings , expressing this with heartand feelingand human grief . But why are they such a minority ???
    The pope will not be a pope in heaven . He will be a HUMAN person in Heaven . in Jesus’Presence… Why cannot he process to just be a human being who feels deeply over what is coming to light .more and more here in Canada.?
    So many Catholics are leaving this very bizarre scene and will not be inchurch again …ever ,unless they go Anglican. THey are so weary with bizarre and sub human responses from Catholic hierarchy .

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