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Parish Website

I think the new parish website is ready to “Go Live”. Check it out at https://stleoset-temp.archtoronto.org/ and let me know what you think. Deacon Alan

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The parish bulletin is available again on the parish website..

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St. Leo Website Development

I hope we can build a website that will focus on the parish, the community, the schools, and the homes. I think we need:– People who are trained to manage the site so that there are backups and the tasks shared.– People with different perspectives and experience. With the parish at the centre, we will …

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Ash Wednesday

Hello Everyone There will still be significant restrictions, at least for the beginning of Lent which begins with Ash Wednesday February 17th.Physical contact in giving ashes is not possible this year. However, Fr. Frank will bless ashes on Ash Wednesday and samples will be made available for parishioners who wish to obtain blessed ashes. The …

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Coming Soon – New Parish Website

A new parish website is in development (until notified, continue to use www.saintleosmimico.ca ). The temporary development site can be viewed at https://stleoset-temp.archtoronto.org An good example of the possibilities for the new website can be seen by visiting https://stmarysbr.archtoronto.org/ Any feedback/comments would be appreciated.

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New Parish Website Coming

Sometime in the near future, the St. Leo website will move to the new platform provided by the Archdiocese of Toronto. Deacon Alan is prepared to manage the site and hopes parishioners will contribute ideas, expertise, and participation. Please contact Deacon Alan (deaconalan@saintleosmimico.ca or deaconalan2010@gmail.com) if you can contribute. Take a look at https://stmarysbr.archtoronto.org/ This …

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Women of the Word – Toronto


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