Weekly Updates – May 14, 2017

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The Pope Video 05-2017 – Christians in Africa – May 2017
Africa is a continent full of life, with a great cultural and religious patrimony. We cannot abandon it. Let us join our voices to the voice of the African peoples.

WITNESS – Kate Hennessy. Author, granddaughter of Dorothy Day
In his historic address to a special joint session of the US Congress on September 24, 2015, Pope Francis singled out four great Americans. Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Thomas Merton, and Kate Hennessy’s grandmother, Dorothy Day, a rebellious Catholic from Manhattan who, in the depths of the Great Depression, co-founded the Catholic Worker movement and the Catholic Worker newspaper, both of which continue to this day. Dorothy was a journalist and socialist whose conversion at age 30 propelled her into fierce advocacy for the poor and civil disobedience through World War II, the Cold War and the Vietnam War. In Pope Francis’ address to Congress, he praised Dorothy Day, founder of the Catholic Worker Movement for her “passion for justice.” Kate Hennessy is a writer and the youngest of Dorothy Day’s nine grandchildren. She has worked in collaboration with the photographer Vivian Cherry on Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker: The Miracle of Our Continuance, and her writing has appeared in Best American Travel Writing. Kate attended New York University and the School for International Training in Vermont. She has traveled and worked around the world, including as a counselor at an international summer camp in the former USSR, and as an ESL Teacher in Guatemala and India. She has also worked as a curator at a small Vermont museum and has walked 750 kilometers on el Camino de Santiago in Spain.
Kate lives in Vermont with her husband. In this very personal interview, Kate speaks with Fr. Thomas Rosica about her remarkable, extraordinary and yet ordinary grandmother.

Cardinal Collins interview on sexual addiction
Paola Fraietta, a youth minister from Blessed Trinity Parish in Toronto, interviews Cardinal Thomas Collins about the harms of pornography and sexual addiction. The discussion took place on February 15, 2017, in advance of special event at the parish featuring author and speaker Matt Fradd. To learn more about Matt Fradd’s ministry and learn tools for overcoming an addiction to pornography.

What to expect from the Pope’s trip to Egypt – Vatican Connections
In this episode of Vatican Connections, we look at what we can expect from the Holy Father’s apostolic trip to Cairo (Egypt), and we talk to Deborah Castellano Lubov on what makes the Easter season at the Vatican so special.

Lectio Divina with Cardinal Thomas Collins Episode 1006 – Sheep and the Goats (Matthew 25: 31-46)
Season 10, Episode 6. Reflections on on Matthew 25: 31-46.
The Lectio Divina discourses given by Cardinal Thomas Collins are meant to work as a series of reflections. Visit https://www.archtoronto.org/lectio for more information and links to past seasons and episodes.

Catholic blogging: a help or a hindrance – Perspectives Weekly
Rocco Palmo is a blogger. And an impassioned one at that. Rocco is the man behind Whispers in the Loggia, arguably perhaps the most referenced Catholic blog in the English language. This week Rocco joins S+L producer Kris Dmytrenko and Perspectives host Pedro Guevara Mann for a round table on the merits and perceived deficiencies of the Catholic blogosphere.
But they’re not the only ones making this assessment. The time is ripe for this discussion.
In one historic stroke, Archbishop Claudio Celli and the Pontifical Council for Social Communications held the first annual four-hour symposium for bloggers around the world.
So what do you think about Catholic blogging? Is it a help or a hindrance to the mission of the Church?

Should the Church be poor? – Perspectives Weekly
Does your church have a crying room for babies and young families? Are your kids going to World Youth Day? Do you have regular coffee socials? If you answered yes to most of these questions, chances are you are not in Whitehorse or rural Newfoundland.
Canadian Catholics who live “off of the grid” so to speak (away from Canadian city centres) have a completely different experience of the Church than the rest of us.
This week, host Pedro Guevara Mann is joined by Bishop Gary Gordon of Whitehorse, Yukon and Archbishop Martin Currie of St. John’s (and also Bishop of Grand Falls), Newfoundland. The two bishops will tell us how they have learned to be faithful in small things- that is-being good stewards of the amount they have been given.
Some Catholics (and the world at large) are critical of the material wealth of the Church as made manifest in our sometimes ornate Cathedrals. To these people, Bishop Gary says that the trouble with money is not possessing it but letting it possess you. Money (directed by good will) builds hospitals, feeds the hungry and clothes the naked. The key word here is good will.
Join us for a thoughtful reflection on the camel-needle phenomenon in a featured chat with these two Canadian bishops. It’s a discussion you won’t want to miss!

“One Ordinary Sunday” by Paula Huston (Subject Matters: S2.E8)
Award-winning novelist Paula Huston guides the reader through an ordinary Sunday Mass, explaining the gestures and symbols to reawaken a sense of mystery.

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