Weekly Updates – February 19, 2017

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Bishop Barron Comments on Prayer
Studies have shown that everyone prays; even some atheists say that they pray. So what is prayer? What makes Christian prayer distinctive? Bishop Barron answers these questions and offers recommendations on how to improve your prayer life.

How do we dialogue with Muslims?
Description: In countries where the majority of the population is of Christian background, the question of dialogue with Muslims may not be such a pressing one. Although this very question is in the minds of many, especially now with the influx of refugees from the Middle East. It is also a question that is important for the Church.
Join Deacon Pedro and his guest Cardinal Orlando Quevedo, Archbishop of Cotabato, the Philippines, as they speak about inter-religious dialogue.

Lectio Divina with Cardinal Collins 1005: Merciless and Merciful (Matthew 18:15-35)
Season 10, Episode 5. Reflections on Matthew 18:15-35.
The Lectio Divina discourses given by Cardinal Thomas Collins are meant to work as a series of reflections.

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