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Perspectives on Christianity: Our Evangelical Neighbours
With the decline of mainline Protestantism in Canada, Evangelicals are more and more likely to be the non-Catholic Christians that Catholics encounter today. There are Evangelical churches, educational institutions, and service projects all across Canada, and they are growing and vibrant. Catholics also meet Evangelicals in the halls of power, where they are frequently on the same side of contentious social issues.
Most Canadian Catholics have met an Evangelical Christian. They are our neighbours, our co-workers, and our classmates. Sometimes they are members of our own families. Despite these interactions, Evangelicals remain something of a mystery to many Catholics. Who are these Christians? What do they believe? What do they believe about us? Catholics have concerns about several matters of faith and practice in Evangelical communities.
This past week, on October 18, 2016, the Canadian Bishops Conference published an important document that is one of the results of the very fruitful dialogue that exists with our Evangelical brothers and sisters. The document is entitled Our Evangelical Neighbours: A Catholic Reflection on Evangelical Christianity.
This resource on Evangelical Christianity was developed in close consultation with our dialogue partners at the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. The aim was to create a resource that reflected faithfully the Christian identity of our Evangelical brothers and sisters.
Today we are very happy to have with us two leaders of the Evangelical Fellowship in Canada who will help us to better understand who Evangelicals really are in our communities, and how we can continue to work together in our common Christian witness to the Gospel in a culture that grows increasingly distant from our Christian heritage in Canada and the values of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, hosts this special edition of Perspectives with guests, Rev. David Freeman , Vice President, Canadian Ministries, The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada and co-chair of the CCCB – EFC Dialogue, and Dr. Aileen Van Ginkel, Vice-President, Ministry Services, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and member of the CCCB – EFC dialogue.
For more information on ecumenical and interfaith relations, visit the official website of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops:

New cardinals to express vision of universal Church – Vatican Connections
This week, Pope Francis announced the creation of 17 new cardinals next November. We go through the list and take a look at the role of cardinals in the Church. In light of the Holy Father’s upcoming trip to Sweden for the anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, Lutheran pilgrims and an international Christian association met with the Pope. And finally, we come back to what happened during the Marian Jubilee celebrations at the Vatican.

Youth Engagement (Young Adult Ministry)
An excerpt from “Youth Engagement”, a talk by Héctor Acero Ferrer. Given at Faith Connections’ Young Adult Ministry Networking Gathering, June 2, 2016.
Faith Connections is a young adult (19-39) ministry of Fontbonne Ministries, Sisters of St. Joseph, Toronto

Subject Matters Ep.9 – “The Catholic Church and Argentina’s Dirty War”
In this episode of Subject Matters, Argentine sociologist Fr. Gustavo Morello, SJ discusses his new book “The Catholic Church and Argentina’s Dirty War”

Sr. Prima Pierick, MC – Witness
Sister Mary Prema Pierick, whose name in Sanskrit means love, is the Superior General of the Missionary Sisters Charity, the religious congregation founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta, now St. Teresa. She was born Mechthild Pierick in a farming community in Reken, Germany. In 1980, after reading the biography of the foundress, Something Beautiful for God by Malcolm Muggeridge, she went to meet Mother Teresa in Berlin. She felt called to join her work and moved to India to join the Missionaries. Sr. Prema eventually became the Regional Superior of the institute for the Sisters in Europe. She returned to India to supervise the tertianship program of the institute, the last stage of training before final religious profession. She succeeded Sister Nirmala Joshi as Superior General on March 24, 2009, elected on the first ballot and heading an institute which had over 5,000 members worldwide at that time. This exclusive interview took place in the Dono di Maria Residence of the Missionaries of Charity in Vatican City on September 2, 2016, two days before the canonization of her predecessor, Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Henri Nouwen Being the Beloved sermon 1 of 8
Three messages by Henri Nouwen
Being the Beloved is part 1, 2
Becoming the Beloved is part 3, 4, 5
Disciples of the Beloved is part 6, 7, 8

Danielle Rose – Little Flower
The song ‘Little Flower’ radiates God’s love for people often considered to be unwanted, disposable, or of little value. In China, this mindset has led to a social crisis in the form of the One-Child Policy. Danielle Rose, Rob Kaczmark of Spirit Juice Studios, and a team of talented people traveled to China, where they were privileged to create this music video with China Little Flower orphanage in order to help build a culture of life.

Danielle Rose Holy Family
O loving Father, make our home
A Nazareth where you may reign,
A holy family of love
Where Jesus’ manger lays.
Help us to stay together, Lord,
In joy and sorrow as we pray,
Teach us to see Christ in disguise
Upon each other’s face.
Where two or more are gathered, you reside.
Mary, be our Mother;
Joseph, be our guide
To make your Son the center of our lives.
Jesus, may your name be glorified.
We gather round our table blessed
To share the Heavenly Bread He gave
To strengthen us that we might serve
Our family with grace.
To love each other as you love,
With humble hearts and patient faith.
And to forgive each other’s faults
As Jesus Christ forgave.
Help us to take whatever you give
And give whatever you take from us,
With smiles upon our faces
As we place our trust in you.
Music and lyrics written by Danielle Rose 

October is the month of the Rosary. These videos are a nice way to meditate on them (all 20 are available)
Let It Be Done Unto Me by Danielle Rose
This is a song from Danielle Rose’s album titled “Mysteries” on which she wrote a song for every mystery of the holy Rosary. This is the song she wrote for the first joyful mystery, the Annunciation.

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