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Pope: Encounter is seeing, hearing, and touching with the heart
We need to work to construct a true culture of encounter, which can overcome the culture of indifference, with our gaze fixed on the encounter of God with His people. Be attentive to wicked attitudes which, even in families, prevent us from hearing others. That was the message of Pope Francis in his homily at the daily Mass celebrated at the Casa Santa Marta. The Holy Father based his reflection on the Gospel account of Jesus’ encounter with the widow who was weeping over the death of her only son. Too often, the Pope said, we see a difficult situation and simply say “Too bad,” without actually doing anything. Jesus doesn’t just say “Poor woman,” and move along.


Cardinal Tagle at Flame 2
Archive footage from CYMFed’s Flame 2


Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle: The Family: A Home for the Wounded Heart
Everyone struggles with painful situations such as loneliness, poverty, disability, illness and addiction, and unemployment. In our families and churches, we must walk with each other in love and support, even carrying those with great need. The Church, too, as our mother and teacher, comforter and guide, is a family – a family of faith. How can we help each other? And how can the Church bring the healing power of God’s grace to us? Join this session and learn practical ways that we can grow in love, including participation in charity, prayer and the spiritual disciplines, scripture, and the liturgical and sacramental life.


Connect5: Fouad Twal on Christians in the Holy Lands
The newly retired Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Fouad Twal reflects on the current state of Christians living in the Holy Lands, and praises Canada for opening its doors to refugees.


Fr. Gustavo Morello, SJ – Witness
Fr. Gustavo Morello, S.J., an Argentine Jesuit, is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Boston College. His main area of research has been on two Latin American topics: the relation between religion and political violence and secularization. Professor Morello’s most recent book explored these complicated links by examining why in 1970s Argentina, honest religious people didn’t protest against massive violations of human rights. After an exhaustive analysis of the existing literature, he did a case study analysis on political violence using Argentina’s Dirty War as a focus. This study focused on a group of persons who were kidnapped and tortured in 1976, and the reactions of Catholics to this particular event and to similar instances of political violence across the country. He discovered that the reactions of Catholics to political violence were varied, and were primarily caused not by their theological background but by a broad range of positions taken toward secularization and modernization. In the process of writing this book, Morello developed so much expertise on the 1976 incident that the prosecutor asked him to testify in court when the perpetrators were finally brought to trial in May of 2015. Morellos’ participation in this WITNESS interview is especially timely in light of the Petrine Ministry of the current Bishop of Rome, also an Argentine Jesuit, who experienced much of what Fr. Morello has uncovered in his extensive research.



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