In the hopes of raising more funds to rebuild St. Leo’s Church and the future Parish Hall, we would like to ask you to sponsor our advertisers who have generously agreed to share some of the sales profits with the Parish Building Fund.  It doesn’t matter what you buy from Amazon.ca, the Building Fund still shares the profit.  Just make sure you go to Amazon using the links from this site.

Amazon is much more than books.  It can be difficult to find places to shop for religious articles, so Amazon.ca might be a practical option. Please consider shopping from Amazon.ca if you are looking for a Catholic gifts such as books, rosaries, crucifixes, pictures, music, and so on.  Just include the  word “catholic” in your search.

The Ave Maria Centre of Peace is not a sponsor but if you are looking for a very good source of Catholic books, religious articles, etc. especially gifts, check them out. Ave Maria Centre of Peace

You can check out:

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    • Norm Davis on May 18, 2014 at 7:39 am
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    “Despite being an Evangelical Christian site … it is still worthwhile to shop here. ” Why do we use such judgemental language? The terms DESPITE & STILL WORTHWHILE could be misinterpreted as suggesting that there is something wrong with being an evangelical christian. I would be pleased to see a more positive attitude towards our evangelical brothers and sisters projected from this website. I hope I am not being oversensitive here and apologize if I have unfairly offended anyone.

    1. Your comment is gratefully acknowledged. Respect for our evangelical Christians is warranted. This being a Catholic website, there is a consideration of the diversity of Christian thought of evangelical Christians based on scriptural interpretation in the absence of the teaching of the magisterium of the Catholic Church. The inclusion of “nihil obstat” and “imprimatur” in Christian literature is important for Catholics. Most of the products sold by Christian Books are from, and intended for, evangelical Christians. Catholic products are also available, but are much fewer in number. Respect for Christian Books is justified, but Catholics should be discerning in thinking that is consistent with their Catholic faith.

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