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Weekly Updates – July 10, 2016

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Father  Galea

Saint Leo Parish welcomes Father George Galea

Father Galea is the past pastor of Our Lady of Peace Parish. He celebrated his 50th Anniversary of ordination to the priesthood in June, 2016.   On his retirement Father Galea has chosen to live in residence at Saint Leo and assist Father Carpinelli.
Father Galea was raised in Mimico and Saint Leo when his family emigrated from Malta in the 1940’s.  He has fond memories of those times and is very happy to return “home”.

Perspectives on End of Life: Conscience Rights
On this edition of Perspectives on End of Life Issues we look at Bill C-14, the bill that regulates medically assisted dying in Canada. This bill affects all of us, but in a special way, it will affect our medical practitioners, many who argue the restrictions are not adequate. The issue is complicated further by the fact that the bill is a Federal bill, but how it will be implemented is a provincial jurisdiction. So, how will the new Assisted Dying Bill affect medical practitioners? Deacon Pedro Guevara-Mann speaks with Larry Worthen, Executive Director of the Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada.

Simple Acts of Kindness – Give it a try
In this montage we see five simple acts of kindness. I’ve asked a few people what their favorite/most impacting one was and the answers are all different. Its pretty interesting how we bring our own impressions to what we see. Which one works best for you?

Recording Artist Brooke Fraser
Kathy Mainse talks to recording artist Brooke Fraser.

Fr. Robert Barron on Evangelizing Through Beauty
Fr. Robert Barron on Effective Evangelization
Another part of a video series from Wordonfire.org. Father Barron will be commenting on subjects from modern day culture.

Fr. Barron on Evangelizing with the Heart of a Shepherd
Here are six practical ways to shepherd people back to the Church.



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Weekly Updates – July 3, 2016

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Leading with the Heart
What is an intrinsic feminine theology? One group of women set out to answer that question by bringing together women from around the world with insight into different aspects of women’s faith life. The result is Leading with the Heart, a look at what those things mean when it comes to developing a deeper theology of women.

Colour Conference 2016 Hillsong Brooke Ligertwood (Fraser) Testimony
Such a moving moment from the conference.

WOW! A profound look at life, in 4 minutes. You have to watch this — and share it. We literally welled up with tears — very rarely does that happen.
The camera wanders and shows the inner lives of people around us as they do their daily tasks. Most of it is set in a hospital, where there is so much worry, sadness, some joy, bad news, good news, no news, anxiety, fear — as in real life, but perhaps magnified.
We’ve all BEEN there – experienced at least one of these people’s lives. Hence, the tears! It’s so TRUE.
This short video is at once quiet, profound, powerful, true, simple — and so supremely human. It was produced by the Cleveland Clinic, as an example of their regard for empathy.
It’s a profound reminder: we ALL have our story. Others have theirs. We NEVER know. And to treat others with the benefit of the doubt, with courtesy, with compassion, with respect.
Everyone Matters! Join us at www.facebook.com/everyonematters
The video was first presented by Dr. Toby Cosgrove, CEO of the Cleveland Clinic, with the staff during his 2012 State of the Clinic address a few weeks back, on Feb. 27, 2013, and since posted on the clinic’s website.

Youth Day 2015 | Keynote | Fr Greg Boyle

Nichole Nordeman – Slow Down (Lyric Video)
Cherish every moment of your family, God gives every moment has a purpose.

Cardinal Loris Capovilla – Witness
Loris Capovilla was born at Pontelungo, near Padua, on October 14, 1915. He was ordained a priest of the Patriarchate of Venice in 1940 and did his military service in the Italian air force during the Second World War. After the war he was appointed editor of the Venice diocesan weekly newspaper as well as being a radio broadcaster. In 1953, when Angelo Guiseppe Roncalli (later Pope John XXIII) was appointed Patriarch of Venice, he made Capovilla his secretary. Elected Pope, John retained Capovilla as his personal secretary – and faithful supporter – and announced that he would convene a Vatican Council – the first in a century. Capovilla was behind some of the boldest initiatives of John’s papacy. He served John XXIII for 10 years, until the Pope’s death in 1963 from stomach cancer.
In 1967, Pope Paul VI appointed Capovilla archbishop of the Abruzzo diocese of Chieti and four years later transferred him to Loreto to take charge of that revered Italian pilgrimage site. The Archbishop chose as his episcopal motto: “Obedentia et Pax” (Obedience and Peace) – the same motto of Angelo Roncalli – Pope John XXIII.
In 1988 Capovilla made his final move to Sotto il Monte, the village near Bergamo where John had been born. There he opened a Pope John XXIII Museum and published his memoir of his time with him. Archbishop Loris kept alive the memory of the hopes aroused by the Second Vatican Council. He attended John’s beatification by Pope John Paul II in 2000. In 2014 Pope Francis announced that Capovilla would be a Cardinal but Loris was unable to attend the consistory where he was formally named cardinal. He was given the title Cardinal-Priest of the Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere in Rome. Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Dean of the College of Cardinals traveled to Sotto il Monte and bestowed upon Capovilla the red biretta and cardinal’s ring on March 1, 2014.
Cardinal Loris could not attend the canonization ceremony of John XXIII on April 27, 2014, due to frail health, but he rejoiced quietly at his residence in Sotto il Monte as he saw one good Pope canonize two great Popes of the Second Vatican Council. In April 2014 and again in November 2015, Fr. Thomas Rosica met with Cardinal Capovilla in Sotto il Monte for two afternoons of long conversations about the Council and the Cardinal’s memories of John XXIII. This interview was done in Cardinal Capovilla’s study in Sotto il Monte November 2015.
Cardinal Loris Capovilla died in Bergamo on May 26, 2016. He was 100 years old

Pope Francis in Armenia – Vatican Connections
On this week’s edition of Vatican Connection we look at the pope’s visit to Armenia. As well, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI celebrates his 65th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood.

Bishop Barron on College Campus “Safe Spaces”
There is, in many quarters, increasing concern about the hyper-charged political correctness that has gripped our college campuses. Might I suggest that it would help our public discourse immensely if all parties would return to the Thomistic method of debate rather than engaging in verbal violence or retreating to a “safe space” amidst controversial conversation.

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