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Weekly Updates – April 16, 2017

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The Good Shepherd
The story of the passion of Jesus Christ, from his Last Supper, to his arrest and crucifixion through the eyes and imagination of children.

Celebrating A Love That Cannot Wait
The following reflection on the significance of the Easter Vigil is written by Fr. Michael McGourty, Pastor of St. Peter’s Parish, Toronto.

Invitation to the Neophyte Mass
Rev. Ed Curtis, Pontifical Master of Ceremonies Cardinal Collins invites all of the newly baptized and those who will be received into the Church this Easter to our annual Neophyte Mass.
The Mass will take place on Sunday, May 7, 2017 at 2 p.m. at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Michael. Before the Mass begins, Cardinal Collins will offer a brief history of the cathedral and give an explanation of his vestments

“It’s not good enough to just be a ‘nice guy’ or a ‘nice lady’, that’s a good start but not good enough – YOU ARE CALLED TO HOLINESS!Jesus said, ‘You must be perfected as your Heavenly Father is perfect’ ..that is not an option, that is a DIVINE MANDATE!”

Cardinal Seán O’Malley: Serving the Sick | Chrism Mass (2017)
Cardinal Seán O’Malley preaches about the work of a priest, particularly anointing the sick.

WITNESS – Sr. Donna Ciangio, OP
Sister Donna Ciangio is a Dominican Sister of Caldwell, New Jersey. She holds a doctorate from Drew University, Madison, New Jersey. She is the Director of Church Leadership Consultation and works internationally and nationally in promoting parish vitality and pastoral direction, congregational and leadership development, small Christian communities, and provides consultation and training to parish and diocesan staffs.
For many years, Sister Donna served as the Director of Pastoral Services at the National Pastoral Life Center focusing on formation for pastors, small faith community training, conference development, and diocesan and parish staff consulting and planning services. Sister Donna has also worked in parish pastoral ministry and education ministry in urban and suburban parishes. As the national coordinator and international coordinator of RENEW, a parish renewal process begun by the Archdiocese of Newark, she provided training and support to diocesan and parish leaders in over a hundred dioceses around the world.
Sister Donna serves as the Director of Adult Faith Formation at St. Rose of Lima Church in Short Hills, New Jersey. She is an adjunct faculty member in Drew University’s Doctor of Ministry program, is the Chairperson of the North American Forum for Small Christian Communities serving dioceses and parishes in the US and Canada, and a consultant for RCL Benziger Religion Publishing Company. She serves on the Caldwell University Board of Trustees and the Center for Ministry Development.
Sister Donna’s articles have appeared in Today’s Parish, Ligourian, CHURCH Magazine, and in publications from Crossroads, Paulist Press, and St. Anthony Messenger Press and The Parish as a School of Discipleship, in Catechetical Leader, May 2014. Her book for Small Christian Communities , co-authored with Rev. Thomas Iwanowski and published by Ave Maria Press, is “Open Our Hearts: A Small Group Guide for an Active Lent.”

“Towards Unity” co-edited by Nicholas Jesson (Subject Matters: S2.E5)
A collection of essays on the current dialogues among the Christian churches to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. All the contributors are “insiders” who have witnessed great progress, but remain realistic about full unity. Much will depend on personal relationships, prayer and common public witness.

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Apr 09

The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd
The story of the passion of Jesus Christ, from his Last Supper, to his arrest and crucifixion through the eyes and imagination of children.

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Apr 08

Weekly Updates – April 9, 2017

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“Ageless Wisdom” by Christopher Bellitto (Subject Matters: S2.E3)
Church historian Christopher Bellitto considers the old axiom “with age comes wisdom” from the perspective of the Bible and other ancient religious texts.

A day in Milan – Vatican Connections
This week on Vatican Connections, we take a look at the Holy Father’s pastoral trip to the city of Milan, where he met with families, priests and religious, prisoners, and young people. With Matteo Ciofi, we talk about what made this visit special.

The Pope Video 04-2017 – Youth – April 2017
April 2017 The Pope Video: Young people have in their hands the challenge of building a more just future, a future of solidarity. Let us support them. Let’s pray with the Pope that our youth will respond and work generously for the changes the world needs.
“I know that you, young people, don’t want to be duped by a false freedom, always at the beck and call of momentary fashions and fads. I know that you are aiming high. Is that true, or am I wrong?”
Don’t leave it to others to be the protagonists of change.
You are the ones who hold the future! I ask you to be builders of the world, to work for a better world. Do you accept the challenge?
Pray with me for young people, that they might know how to respond generously to the vocation God has given them, and immerse themselves in the great causes of the world.”

“Dorothy Day: The World Will Be Saved by Beauty” by Kate Hennessy (Subject Matters: S2.E4)
The life and work of Dorothy Day—the iconic, celebrated, and controversial Catholic—told with illuminating detail by her granddaughter, Kate Hennessy.

Saint Augustine, Homily on Love.
“If you keep silent, keep silent by love:
if you speak, speak by love; if you correct, correct by love; if you pardon, pardon by love; let love be rooted in you, and from the root nothing but good can grow.
Love and do what you will.
Love enures in adversity, is moderate in prosperity; brave under harsh sufferings, cheerful in good works; utterly reliable in temptation, utterly open-handed in hospitality; as happy as can be among true brothers and sisters, as patient as you can get among the false one’s.
The soul of the scriptures, the force of prophecy, the saving power of the sacraments, the fruit of faith, the wealth of the poor, the life of the dying.
Love is all.
Saint Augustine of Hippo

I found this to be a very important topic for reflection and encourage you to watch it. – Deacon Alan
Perspectives Weekly – Can War Really Be Just?
“The Canadian soldier is another breed altogether.”
These were the words from Major Joseph Nonato as he offered us some anecdotes from on the ground in Afghanistan where he served in 2008.
Major Joseph told us about his moments of overwhelming gratitude on the ground. Once, while sitting in a plane with a dozen or so young men in transit, Major Joseph started listening in to these dirt-covered soldiers cradling their weapons. What is it that young men in their place say to one another in moments like this? To anyone listening in to their conversations, he said, they might mistake the army plane for a university philosophy class.
“The guys on the ground in Afghanistan are kids by years but they have a maturity about them. Because of what they’ve seen, they know what is important in life,” Major Joseph said. “You’d be surprised by the reading material in the barracks, these kids are the cream of the crop.”
But there are many people who take issue with war. So via Facebook we asked you, our viewers, if war could ever really be just and you had lots to say!
On this Friday’s edition of Perspectives we welcome Major Gillian Federico, a chaplain with the Canadian Armed Forces and Major Joseph Nonato, CD an Officer Commanding with the Royal Regiment of Canada.
Together with host Pedro Guevara Mann the two will talk about the demands of duty and the call to soldiering. A call which they say, is not for everyone.


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Mar 31

Weekly Updates – April 2, 2017

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Cardinal Collins on Conscience Rights and Bill 84
On March 23, 2017, Cardinal Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, appeared before a Queen’s Park committee regarding Bill 84, Medical Assistance in Dying Statute Law Amendment Act. To raise awareness on the critical issue of conscience protection, his address has been re-recorded for this video.
Full text of presentation: https://www.archtoronto.org/euthanasi…
To contact your elected Member of Provincial Parliament and to learn more on this important issue, please visit: http://CanadiansforConscience.ca

Pope apologizes for Church’s role in Rwanda Genocide – Vatican Connections
In this episode of Vatican Connection, the Canadian Bishops from Atlantic Canada meet Pope Francis in Rome for their ad limina visit; the Holy Father receives the president of Rwanda at the Vatican; and, in Jerusalem, Jesus’ burial site reopens to the public.

Bishop Barron on Who Jesus Truly Is
Thomas Joseph White’s book “The Incarnate Lord” discusses the importance of Jesus’ identity. The classical tradition of Christology understood Jesus ontologically, that is to say, in terms of his fundamental being or existential identity; whereas modern and contemporary Christology tends to understand Jesus psychologically or relationally. The transition from an ontological Christology to a consciousness Christology has conduced toward all manner of relativism, subjectivism, indifferentism, and the attenuation of evangelical zeal.


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Mar 25

Weekly Updates – March 26, 2017

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175th Anniversary of the Archdiocese of Toronto
December 17, 2016 marks the 175th anniversary of the Archdiocese of Toronto, kicking off a year-long celebration of this historic milestone.
Today the Archdiocese of Toronto is Canada’s largest diocese, one of the most diverse faith communities in the world.
Join us as we honour the past, energize our present faith community and look forward to an exciting future!

Sharing St. Augustine’s
Archdiocese of Toronto

Mully Movie Trailer
An 80 minute film has been made documenting the life and work of Charles Mulli.

Rhapsody in Blue (Gershwin)
After winning the competition of the harmonica festival in Hangzhou, China 2009, this was the first open performance that held in the celebration concert .

Let your imagination run free | Official Trailer | Anne
ANNE is a coming-of-age story about an outsider who, against all odds and numerous challenges, fights for love and acceptance and for her place in the world.

America’s Got Talent 2016 Edgar A Family Singing Trio Full Audition Clip S11E02

America’s Got Talent S09E02 The Willis Clan 12 Member Family Band Too Cute

WITNESS – Quinton Atkinson
Ancestry is a science and technology company with a very human mission.
It brings together science and self-discovery and helps everyone, everywhere discover the story of what led to them. Ancestry’s sophisticated engineering and technology harnesses family history and consumer genetics, combining billions of rich historical records, millions of family trees, and more than 2.5 million DNA samples to provide people with deeply meaningful insights about who they are and where they come from.
Quinton Atkinson has worked for over 20 years in the Content Department at Ancestry. Currently the Senior Director of Global Content Acquisition and Partner Development, Quinton has spent a number of years working in the International arena for Ancestry, where he has traveled to many countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Mexico, Spain, South Africa, and China – working with local and national archives.
In this fascinating WITNESS interview with Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, you will meet Quinton Atkinson, a true pioneer in the field of connecting people and reinventing how people make family history discoveries. And these discoveries can give everyone a greater sense of identity, relatedness, and their place in the world.


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Mar 18

Weekly Updates – March 19, 2017

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When the Pope went to Rome’s Anglican parish – Vatican Connections
In this episode, we speak with Zenit correspondent at the Vatican, Deborah Castellano Lubov, on the Pope’s recent trip to an Anglican parish in Rome; we look at issues surrounding the resignation of Vatican anti-abuse commission member; and take a peak at the Holy Father’s Lenten retreat.

“The Seven Last Words of Christ” by Fr. Thomas Rosica (Subject Matters Ep.14)
A biblical scholar by trade, Fr. Thomas Rosica’s latest book of scriptural reflections focuses on the seven last words of Jesus hanging from the cross, and their contemporary significance.

Bishop Barron on Love and Tolerance
Love is tolerant, inasmuch as it respects the goodness of even those who hold errant points of view; and love encourages diversity, to the degree that it eschews the imperialistic imposition of one’s own ego upon another. However, sometimes love is exclusive, intolerant, and unaccepting of diversity—precisely because it wills the good of the other.

WITNESS – Bishop Emeritus Frederick Henry
It was a great privilege today to do a “farewell” WITNESS Interview for Salt + Light Media with Bishop-emeritus Fred Henry of Calgary on February 26, 2017, the eve of the installation of his successor, Bishop William McGrattan as the eighth bishop of Calgary. A native of London, Ontario, Bishop Frederick Bernard Henry was born on April 11, 1943, the eldest of five sons in the family of Leo and Noreen Henry
After finishing high school, he entered St. Peter’s Seminary, London. He was ordained a priest on May 25, 1968. In 1971, he earned a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, and in 1973 a Licentiate in Theology with a Specialization in Fundamental Theology from the Gregorian University in Rome. He was an Associate Professor of Theology and Philosophy at St. Peter’s Seminary from 1973 – 1986 and Dean of Theology and Rector of St. Peter’s Seminary from 1981 – 1986.
He was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of London and Titular Bishop of Carinola and ordained the Episcopate on June 24, 1986. He was installed as the fourth Bishop of Thunder Bay on May 11, 1995 and installed as the seventh Bishop of Calgary on March 19, 1998.
Bishop Henry’s episcopal motto, ‘Dabo Vobis Pastores’ (I will give you pastors) is taken from Jeremiah 3:15 – ‘I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding’. He retired early from Episcopal ministry in Calgary on January 4, 2017 for health reasons, after serving that diocese for 19 years.
In this wide-ranging, personal interview, Bishop Fred revealed his boldness, courage, love of the Church and deep gratitude to God for many fruitful years of episcopal ministry in Canada – beginning in London, then Thunder Bay and finally in Calgary for 19 years. Combating abortion, euthanasia and the disregard of the poor ­ all characteristic of our ‘throwaway culture’ – were the hallmarks of his years of generous and prophetic ministry in Calgary.

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Mar 12


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Mar 11

Weekly Updates – March 12, 2017

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Ashes to ashes – Vatican Connections
In this episode, Pope Francis celebrates Ash Wednesday Mass at the basilica of Saint Sabina in Rome; we go back at his historic visit to the only Anglican parish in the Eternal City; and take a look at the relationship being rebuilt between the Vatican and a high-ranking Sunni university in Cairo.

Amish Grace
This year is the tenth anniversary of what the Amish people in Pennsylvania call “The Happening.”  In the village of Nickel Mines, in Lancaster County, a heavily armed young man – not Amish – entered an Amish schoolhouse and murdered five little girls, wounded five more and then killed himself.  Correspondent David Tereshchuk reports from Amish country both on what happened and on the extraordinary demonstrations ever since of faith and forgiveness.

Introduction to “Amish Grace,” Wilbur Award winner
“Amish Grace” produced by Kyle A. Clark and Marta M. Mobley won a 2011 Wilbur Award in the Television and Cable: Drama category. Executive producer is Larry A. Thompson; directed by Gregg Champion; and written by Sylvie White and Teena Booth.

Bruce Guthro – Falling

WITNESS: Cardinal Orlando Quevedo
Cardinal Orlando Beltran Quevedo, OMI, Metropolitan Archbishop of Cotabato, was born in Laoag, Philippines, on March 11, 1939 in a northern province but raised in the Muslim region in the South of his country. After studying at Notre Dame high school in Koronadal and at the minor seminary in Quezon City, he entered the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate and professed his first vows in Mission, Texas, in 1957. Returning to the Philippines, he earned his teaching degree from the Pontifical University of Santo Tomas in Manila. He returned to the United States to study theology at Oblate College in Washington, where he was ordained to the priesthood in 1964. In his early years, he was the dean of student affairs at Notre Dame University in Cotabato, became becoming president of the university. Fr. Orlando was named bishop of Kidapawan in 1980 and archbishop of Nueva Segovia in 1986. Pope John Paul II named him archbishop of Cotabato in 1998. As Archbishop, he served as president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, 1999-2003, and served as general secretary of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences, 2005-2011. Created and proclaimed Cardinal by Pope Francis in the consistory of February 22, 2014, of the Titular Church of Santa Maria «Regina Mundi» a Torre Spaccata. Cardinal Quevedo has been a member of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace (now the Dicastery for Integral Human Development) and the Council for Inter-religious Dialogue.
In this wide-ranging WITNESS interview with Fr. Thomas Rosica, Cardinal Quevedo shares his rich, pastoral experience as an Oblate of Mary Immaculate in this bicentennial year of foundation of this major missionary congregation in the Church, as well as his experience as a seasoned shepherd who has the odor of the shee

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Mar 04

Weekly Updates – March 5, 2017

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Catholics and Jews working together in new Menorah exhibit – Vatican Connections
In this episode, we look at a meeting between Pope Francis and an international Jewish delegation; the Holy Father’s speech to university students of Roma Tre; his pastoral visit to a local parish; and the Secretariat of State’s recent decision to monitor the use of the Pope’s image.

Bishop Barron on Evangelizing Through the Good
Revealing the truth of God through rational arguments and displaying the beauty of God through artwork are two powerful means of evangelization. A third path, however, comes in the form of the good. The radicality of the Christian life concretely and heroically lived out draws people to the love of God.

WITNESS – David Delgado
Born in Mexico in 1989, David ́s family moved to Toronto when he was 9. He attended high school at Marshall McLuhan Catholic Secondary School and thereafter graduated from the University of Toronto receiving an HBA in International Relations.
While completing his last year of studies at U of T, in 2013, David received the opportunity to participate in a summer exchange program to Israel. From there everything changed for him. The vast history, rich culture, and diverse practice of faiths in the Middle East captured his full attention.
He fell in love with the Holy Land and returned a year later to volunteer in a new and exciting project in Galilee called Magdala, the hometown of Mary Magdalene on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.
As part of the Magdala and Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center team, David is in charge of leading the coordination and development of communication channels, seeking new opportunities to spread Magdala ́s message abroad and working with his team to ensure the vision of Magdala is brought to life. Currently David is working on completing his MA in Latin American, Iberian and Israeli Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The Pope Video 03 -2017- Support for Persecuted Christians – March 2017
In many parts of the world, there are Christians who are persecuted simply because of the fact that they are Christians. They need not only our material help but also our prayer. Let us join with the Pope in praying for persecuted Christians.
“How many people are being persecuted because of their faith, forced to abandon their homes, their places of worship, their lands, their loved ones!
They are persecuted and killed because they are Christians. Those who persecute them make no distinction between the religious communities to which they belong.
I ask you: how many of you pray for persecuted Christians?
Do it with me, that they may experience the support of all the Churches and communities, through prayer and material assistance.”
From the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (Apostleship of Prayer): www.popesprayer.net


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Feb 24

Weekly Updates – February 26, 2017

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WITNESS – Bishop William McGrattan
Most Reverend Bishop William McGrattan was born in London, Ontario on September 19, 1956 and received his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Western Ontario, followed by a Master of Divinity from St. Peter’s Seminary in London. He was ordained to the priesthood on May 2, 1987 for the Diocese of London. Following three years of pastoral ministry at St. Joseph’s Parish in Chatham, Fr. McGrattan continued his studies in theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, where he received a Licentiate in Fundamental Moral Theology in 1992. He returned to London and served on the faculty of St. Peter’s Seminary in London as an associate professor, vice-rector, and dean of theology. He was appointed as rector of the Seminary in 1997. Pope Benedict XVI named Fr. McGrattan Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto in 2009 and Fr. McGrattan was Bishop in 2009.
As Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto, Bishop McGrattan was responsible for the Central Region that includes seventy-one parishes in the central part of the City of Toronto. In addition to his regional responsibilities, he also served as Vicar for Lay Movements and Associations, Vicar for Ethnic Communities, and the liaison bishop for the Catholic School Chaplains of Ontario, the Catholic Association of Religious and Family Life Educators of Ontario, the Catholic Health Association of Ontario, and the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada.
In the spring of 2014, Pope Francis appointed Bishop McGrattan as the 12th Bishop of the Diocese of Peterborough. At the national level, Bishop McGrattan is a member of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops; the CCCB Doctrine Commission from 2011 to the present; the Bishop Liaison for Catholic Health Alliance of Canada CHAC from 2011 to the present; the National Spiritual Director of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada CWL from 2013 to the present; a National Catholic Broadcasting Council Board Member from 2015 to 2017. He also served as the Chancellor of Sacred Heart College of Peterborough and a Board Member from 2014 to the present.
In early January 2017, Pope Francis appointed Bishop McGrattan the eighth bishop of the Diocese of Calgary.

Bishop Barron on Biblical Religion
According to Biblical religion, we are called to be holy as God is holy. The Holiness of God consists of pure love. Pure love shines on the good and the bad alike. What a revolution this is! Think how different your life would be were you to love this way all the time, rather than measuring out your love through calculative self-interest. Dedicate your whole life to divine Love and you will be truly holy, set apart, a sanctuary.

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