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September 3, 2017
22nd Sunday In Ordinary Time



Choir Notice for September, 2017

If you are new to this site: please continue on this page; otherwise please click here > What’s New” for recent posts and Weekly Updates.  “Weekly Update” is a collection (updated weekly) of news and videos that help keep you informed, educated, and entertained in your faith.

St. Leo’s Church is now “accessible”.  The south doors at the main entrance (rectory side) are accessible to walkers, scooters, wheelchairs, etc. using the press plate on the wall.  An accessible washroom is available  from the main foyer.  There are no steps from the street to the entrance of the church.

Traveling within Canada?  Check for Mass times in the parish you will visit. is again an affiliate with St. Leo’s website.  Check out this link for Catholic gifts and resources.  Click Here to Search For Catholic Resources ChristianBooks offers a large selection of well-priced products, combined with fast, inexpensive shipping, and no cross-border hassles or customs.  Your purchases from ChristianBooks or made from the parish website support the parish.

 Deacon Alan shares music videos with the kids at St. Louis and St. Leo’s schools. The playlists are included under Groups – Spirited Kids page.   Each month has a virtue theme that is a basis for the videos selected.  In the documents that follow you  can click on the link to view the video:
October – Gratitude – 
November – Peacemaking – peace
ecember – Charity – charity
January – Courage – Courage
ebruary – Love
March – Forgiveness

All the video pages has been modified to inform you that playlists are available on most pages (some pages have more than 100 videos that you will probably enjoy)

Welcome to St. Leo’s

We are a parish family from many lifestyles and histories, joined by our common belief in God and in his son, Jesus, the Christ. Blessed by the Holy Spirit with a wide variety of gifts and united together through Baptism, we strive to proclaim and live the Gospel. Nourished by the Word of God and the Eucharist, we minister to one another and together seek to evangelize those who are not of the faith community.

We welcome you to our parish Web site. One of the richest blessings of our Saint Leo parish family is our diversity of nationalities.  We come from all parts of the world to call St. Leo’s our spiritual home. Our Saint Leo’s community is always growing as we welcome new individuals and families to take their place in our parish faith story. Whether you can trace your lineage back to one of our founding families, or you are new to our community, there is a home for you at Saint Leo’s parish.
Please register by picking up a form from the back of the church and placing it  in the basket during the offertory collection.
God is calling each of us to reclaim our faith in Jesus Christ lived out in the Catholic Church. At Saint Leo’s parish you will discover a pastoral staff, and a faith community eager to help you become part of our Catholic community.
If you have been away from regular Mass attendance and would like to learn more about our faith community and the Catholic Church, please contact Fr. Frank Carpinelli or Deacon Alan Morris.  You may want to view the Archdiocese of Toronto website (, and
Please stay and visit. Find out about us. Learn about who we are and what we believe. Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated.
Every week (and sometimes in between) we post items of interest.  If you go to the “What’s New” page you can probably find something of interest under “Weekly Updates” and “Posts”.  We encourage you to explore this website; we believe their is a great diversity of information and Christian-value media.

For more information please contact:

Saint Leo Parish
277 Royal York Road 
Toronto ON M8V  2V8                           Phone 416.251.1109


Schools: St. Leo’s School, 159 Stanley Avenue, Toronto, Ontario  M8V 1P1 416-393-5333

St. Louis School, 11 Morgan Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M8Y 2Z7 416-393-5331 ******************************************************************************************************
Contact: Webmaster:
Be sure to check out the “What’s New” page for the most recent news posts.

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Mass Schedule and Sacraments

Weekday Masses Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays at 8:00 a.m. Wednesday Evenings mass at 7:00 p.m. with Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help (except Ash Wednesday 7:15) Sunday Mass Schedule Saturday Evening Mass     5:00 p.m. Sunday Morning Masses 8:30 a.m.                                10:00 a.m. (Children’s Catechesis)    (September-June)                   …

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St. Leo’s Biography

                      St. Leo the Great was born in Tuscany. As deacon, he was dispatched to Gaul as a mediator by Emperor Valentinian III. He reigned as Pope between 440 and 461. He persuaded Emperor Valentinian to recognize the primacy of the Bishop of Rome in …

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St. Leo’s Church Rebuilding Project

St. Leo’s Church is now “accessible”.  The south doors at the main entrance (rectory side) are accessible to walkers, scooters, wheelchairs, etc. using the press plate on the wall.  An accessible washroom is available  from the main foyer.  There are no steps from the street to the entrance of the church.   We now have …

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  1. William94

    Hello, do you allow guest posting on ? 🙂 Let me know on my e-mail

    1. Pastoral Team

      Posting requires admin privileges. Comments are displayed if approved. Acceptable comments could be posted.
      Peace be with you,
      Deacon Alan

  2. anonymous neighbor

    I would like to take a moment and mention as a neighbor of your church I have noticed that you seem to be using the church bells more frequently.

    I work shift work and hearing the bells ringing daily and sometimes many times in a day other then on a Sunday is frustrating. I am not opposed to church bells in general and do truly believe they can be a wonderful sound in a community, but the way your bells are being rung seem to have no melody or rhythm to them and come across more as noise then the wonderful sound they can be. I can appreciate that church bells are often rung on holy days and for special occasions, but daily is frankly just too much.

    1. Pastoral Team

      I am not resident within Mimico so I can’t personally relate to your comment. It is my understanding that the bells are rung prior to masses, as well as prior to/after funerals/weddings. There are by-laws restricting how early/late the bells are used, and these laws are respected. Traditionally, church bells are one to a few tuned bells that are rung randomly, so there is not a set pattern for them (as opposed to carillons which are multiple bells played in order to produce a melody). Unless we go to older communities (such as in Europe), we don’t often hear the traditional sound of church bells. The pastor does not typically read these comments as far as I know. I will mention it to him, but if you like you may contact the office at 416-251-1109 and ask to speak with him.
      Peace be with you,
      Deacon Ala

  3. stmat the ws gospel church

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Very well written!

  4. Sarah Buckland


    I am looking for information about my grandparents marriage. I was told that they were married at your church, I believe in 1953…they both passed away last year and no one seems to have a lot of information. I was wondering if you could provide me with any. I tried to email but the email keeps coming back as failure to deliver.
    My grandparents are Dolores Marie Paul and George Stephen Buckland.

    1. Pastoral Team

      Hi Sarah; Please phone the office at 416-251-1109. I do not have access to those records.

  5. Taylor

    Is it at all possible to schedule meetings/seek advice? I would like to help my sister who is being harmed by a spirit that will not leave, even after calling upon Jesus to help.

    1. Pastoral Team

      The first step should be to go to confession (Saturdays 4:15- 4:45 pm at St. Leo’s). Go to confession elsewhere if more comfortable. The priest will help if possible or arrange for further assistance.

  6. Cristina

    My family and I will be moving to the area next year and are hoping to become members of the parish. We will have a new baby by then and wanted to know if we are new to the parish, can the baby be baptized there?
    Thanks and have a great Easter!

    1. Pastoral Team

      When your family arrives, introduce yourself to Father Carpinelli, pick up a bulletin and a baptism package from the table inside. You can register using a section of the bulletin. Read the contents of the baptism package and give the office a call at 416-251-1109.

  7. Marija Vidic

    We just come from Edmonton…My husband got stroke and we move beck to Toronto.He didn’t have job for 7 mounts and we are in very bad situation.We need help.If You can help me finde any job..I can be babysitter,day or night.Caregiver or cleening lady.I just ask to connect me with right people.Thank You and God bles

    1. Pastoral Team

      There are social agencies that are better suited to help you. Please understand there are issues such as credentials, safety, security, etc. that we are not qualified to deal with. You might start with “211”. You can call that number or access the website for a wealth of services available from the City of Toronto.

  8. Tixuana

    My father is ill and cannot come to church. Is there a program that he could still receive holy communion on a regular basis at home?

    1. Pastoral Team

      I’m sorry I can’t help you directly. If you call the parish office at 416-251-1109 I believe Frances can arrange, or put you in touch with the group that does, home visits.

  9. Bogdan Baginski

    Thank you for the reply. What are the guaranteed hours when the pastor – Fr Frank will be
    on duty in the confessional?
    I noticed that everybody goes to Communion – how does it work?
    With kind regards.

    1. Pastoral Team

      Confessions are scheduled from 4:15 – 4:45 each Saturday; but Father Frank is the sole priest available and has many other responsibilities.
      The second question should be discussed in person.
      Peace be with you,
      Deacon Alan

  10. Bogdan Baginski

    I am a new parish member.I understand that the interior part of the church renovation project
    is finished (or close to finished).
    When are the confessionals coming back?
    With kind regards.

    1. Pastoral Team

      The interior is essentially finished except for the panelling on the rear wall and changes to the choir loft. The confessional (there is one) has always been available; it was renovated early in the project.

  11. Frank

    I would like to get in contact for baptism information who can I get in contact with? Thank you

    1. Pastoral Team

      You should call the office at 416-251-1109 and speak to Frances. I expect she will prepare a “Baptism Package” that can picked up at the entrance to the church. There are usually packages there but this will help insure there is one. Deacon Alan

  12. Alan Morris

    We are having difficulties with the subscription process. People may be able to complete the sign-up and receive a confirmation, but are not being added to the subscriber list. Hoping to resolve this soon.

  13. Norm Davis

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your ecumenical spirit, Deacon. This is the true spirit of the modern Catholic Church!! Please keep up the good work. Drum it into our heads. We are the Church and we need your leadership. God bless.

    I would love it if you made the churches position on Islam MORE CONCRETE to your non-reading parishioners by QUOTING more and more from “The declaration on Behalf of the Church to Non-christian,” from “Understanding Islam: A Guide for Catholic Educators” and from “A Common Word Between Us and You” in more of your homilies to make the ecumenical spirit a common theme. I wouldn’t mind hearing the ecumenical spirit explicitly in every homily.

    I suspect that you may need to spoon-fead your busy, non-reading parishioners. There is nothing wrong with that. Most of us are busy and reading is not a top priority. That’s where quotes, in context, are so valuable. STORIES of love between Christians and Muslims could also be helpful in shaping attitudes by painting a picture of righteous muslims (e.g sheltering Christians during the civil war in Lebanon). References to Catholic priests worshiping with Sufi’s could also be helpful. That sort of thing. CONCRETE.

    Thank you again.

    1. Bogdan Baginski

      A prerequsite for any ecumenical action is an in-depth study and I can’t imagine anyone
      not starting the study with the book by James V.Schall “The Regensburg Lecture”.
      Here is the link:
      With kind regards.

  14. Ewa

    Do you still have Healing Mass? If so, when? Thank you for response.

    1. Pastoral Team

      We are inviting all members of our parish who feel they are in need, to receive the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick at the Healing Mass Celebration on Sunday March 15th 2015 @ 3:00 pm. The Sacrament of the Anointing most certainly is not a sacrament for the dead, but for the living, whereby we are able to experience the healing ministry of Christ within our own lives, calling upon our Lord to strengthen us and to help us to endure the trials and afflictions that affect us all whether young or old

  15. Pastoral Team

    When we embrace our faith we find it to be our source of peace and joy, especially when times are difficult.
    Don’t allow your faith to become lukewarm or indifferent.
    Our secular culture says faith is insignificant. Faith and family are significant; when one suffers, so does the other. Family love is central to the scriptures and to the trinity.
    Let love be your motive for everything you do.
    How many of us work to give things, when we could work less and give more time and love to our families?
    Our faith is too important, and the culture is so powerful. We need to be strong and persistent in prayer. Put your faith at the core of your life and trust in God’s providence. You won’t be disappointed!
    Peace be with you.

    1. Norm Davis

      Love is doing housework without your wife having to ask. It is clearing the snow & taking out the garbage – without being asked. It is taking the kids out for a ramble – without being asked.

      It is actions, not words, that really convey love. Actions without expectation of earthly rewards.

  16. Joy

    Where can i get more information on Catholic Marriage Preparation Course.

    1. Pastoral Team

      Please call the parish office at 416-251-1109

  17. Pastoral Team

    Very soon! I will get it up on Boxing Day, right now I`m in the Christmas frame of mind!

  18. Jess

    When is Father Frank in to take confessionals?

    1. Pastoral Team

      Please call the rectory at 416-251-1109. You may be able to schedule a time with Father Frank. Otherwise, Father hears confessions on Saturdays between 4:15-4:45 p.m.

  19. tangofoto

    Do you rent the church out for weddings?

    1. Pastoral Team

      The Church is not “rented” for any reason. Marriages may be scheduled for families or individuals registered with the parish. Contact the parish office

        one year in advance

      at 416-251-1109.
      Couples are required to attend a Catholic Marriage Preparation Course.

  20. Michael

    How do you properly dispose of palm fronds?

    1. Pastoral Team

      Dear Michael, the proper procedure requires that you either burn them and bury the ashes or just bury the palm branches in the garden. If you cut the palms up and then bury them, they disintegrate much faster! If you need help, I can burn them for you or plant them in the garden!

  21. Martin

    The new website is so great and easy to use, I also thank you for taking the initiative to input Catholic websites which will help bring the church into the new age. I hope pictures of the progress of the renovation goes on the site as well. Well done 🙂

    1. Pastoral Team

      Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, there will be pictures of the renovations as they are happening, so keep tuned, there is always something new on this site. Sign up for the newsletter and you will know all the details of what is happening at St. Leo’s. God Bless!

  22. The Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown

    Olivia, well done! I like the new look! Blessings on spreading the Good News using the new tools!

    1. Pastoral Team

      Sister Therese

      Olivia and I want to wish you a joyful and grace-filled Easter.
      We also wish to thank you for your help in getting our parish web site off the ground. Today alone we had almost 300 pages visited; 4300 since its inception. We are pleased and confidant we are doing good things for our parish and the Church.
      Deacon Alan Morris

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